Kris Marszalek’s Long-Term View on Crypto

Kris Marszalek's Long-Term View on Crypto

Kris Marszalek’s Long-Term View on Crypto

Kris Marszalek attributes the decline partly to the introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs but sees it as a healthy correction to reduce excessive leverage.

The CEO of, Kris Marszalek, offered his assessment of the present condition of the cryptocurrency market. In light of the significant decline in the value of Bitcoin (BTC), Marszalek recommends that investors adopt a long-term perspective regarding their Bitcoin holdings.

The recommendation is suitable, given that prominent cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Cardano, have all experienced significant losses.

Bitcoin fell from a 24-hour high of $72,504 to a low of $68,379, a decline of 3.16%. Numerous digital assets were impacted by a more substantial decline in the cryptocurrency market, which included the decrease in question.

Marszalek remains optimistic regarding the future of Bitcoin investments, notwithstanding the persistent adverse trend. He uttered the remarks during an appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box, where he discussed the elements that were influencing the recent fluctuations in prices.

Concerning the causes of Bitcoin’s bullish run, which had just attained an all-time high a few days prior, CNBC was hosting a discussion. The introduction of spot Bitcoin ETF, according to Kris Marszalek, was the primary cause of the surge.

He noted that the BTC ETF presented a supply-side concern as it significantly impacted the price of Bitcoin. The CEO coined the term “constructive correction” to describe the recent downturn as an effort to decrease the system’s excessive leverage.

Kris Marszalek’s Call for Long-Term Investment Strategy

Kris Marszalek refuted that retail investors or BTC ETFs were responsible for the decline. Nevertheless, he alluded to the significant influence of the options market on the present decline in price.

Additionally, he emphasized the Bitcoin price’s low volatility, comparing it to the stability of prior cycles. This stability, according to Kris Marszalek, signifies a market that has reached maturity and will likely experience slower price fluctuations in the future.

The decline of Bitcoin has repercussions not only on the aforementioned dominant coin but also on the entire cryptocurrency market, including assets like Ripple (XRP).

As the value of Bitcoin declined, Ripple, similar to numerous other cryptocurrencies, experienced substantial declines.

However, Marszalek advises investors to exercise patience and contemplate the validity of such investments over an extended period.

Bitcoin and, by extension, Ripple cryptocurrencies should not be regarded as short-term investments, he notes. He suggests that these assets be held for decades instead of being traded soon.

This viewpoint emphasizes an opinion regarding the enduring nature of cryptocurrencies, despite the transient nature of market fluctuations. In contrast, Marszalek’s stance presents an alternative perspective to reactive trading strategies by advocating for consistent investment as a viable course of action, even during periods of high volatility.

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