KuCoin Teases Major Airdrop with $10M Rewards

KuCoin Teases Major Airdrop with $10M Rewards

KuCoin Teases Major Airdrop with $10M Rewards

KuCoin, the People’s Exchange, is rewarding its users with another airdrop valued at $8.95 million, following a previous $10 million airdrop.

The cryptocurrency known as KuCoin, also known as the People’s Exchange, has announced yet another airdrop for its dedicated users as part of its commitment to putting the safety and enjoyment of its customers first.

This comes after it provided its members with a large airdrop plan for $10 million. Consequently, KuCoin users are overjoyed to be able to take part in the associated reward scheme.

The purpose of this airdrop initiative is to convey gratitude to KuCoin users who are already using the platform and to apologize for the recent withdrawal congestion that has impacted them.

The following is an in-depth tutorial explaining how to claim the airdrop if you qualify for it.

  1. Check your eligibility: the advertisement To be eligible for the airdrop, you must demonstrate that you suffered withdrawal congestion between the hours of March 26, 22:00, and March 28, 00:00 (UTC+8). Proceed with the process of claiming your airdrop if you meet the requirements.

2. Value and the Rules for Distribution The airdrop will distribute tokens similar to BTC and KCS, with a total value of $8.95 million. In addition, the distribution is determined by the length of time that each KuCoin user has been experiencing withdrawal congestion, with the airdrop value ranging from five to two hundred thousand US dollars. On the other hand, the distribution will be finished within a week of the date that the announcement was made.

3. The procedure for claiming the airdrop will be as follows: the airdrop will be distributed in the form of token vouchers, which, for seven days, can be traded for BTC or KCS tokens directly.

To claim your airdrop, you must log in to the KuCoin cryptocurrency trading app and then browse the “My Coupons” section.

By following the instructions, you can redeem your token vouchers and change them into BTC or KCS tokens without any hassle. Previously, the KuCoin airdrop scheme primarily targeted users facing withdrawal congestion issues.

New Airdrop Plan By KuCoin

Today, KuCoin announced that more users faithful to the platform would also be eligible for an airdrop. Users who held significant assets in their account during the stipulated period and did not withdraw any assets while participating in the existing user airdrop plan offered by KuCoin are the target audience for this campaign.

Therefore, these users may qualify for a larger airdrop. However, we are still withholding the details of the exact airdrop strategy for existing customers.

In the next week, the specifics will be disclosed to the public. Additionally, KuCoin strongly advises users to closely monitor any future updates to ensure they don’t miss out on any additional benefits.

Remember, regulatory constraints in their region may prevent certain users from receiving the airdrop.

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