MetaMask Snaps Now Support Solana via Solflare

MetaMask Snaps Now Support Solana via Solflare

MetaMask Snaps Now Support Solana via Solflare

Solflare, a provider of Solana wallets, has integrated MetaMask Snaps, allowing MetaMask users to administer their Solana portfolio directly from the popular cryptocurrency wallet.

With the new integration, the Solana wallet provider is reportedly “lowering the barrier to entry and usage” for the Solana blockchain. Solflare will enable MetaMask users to interact with various decentralized applications (DApps) within the Solana ecosystem via an extension dubbed MetaMask Snaps.

According to Filip Dragoslavic, the co-founder of Solflare, the “friction” of installing new wallets has “stopped many potential Solana users” from accessing the ecosystem.

Dragoslavic added, “This integration could be a game-changer by introducing the largest Web3 user base to try Solana for themselves. Collaboration with MetaMask Snaps, a method to extend the functionality of the popular Web3 wallet, enables the feature.

Christian Montoya, the product lead at MetaMask Snaps, remarked on the integration by stating that the onboarding of MetaMask users to Solana DApps is a significant step toward a “more seamless user experience.

MetaMask Snaps is designed to enable users to interact with multiple blockchain networks. In a recent interview at the Korea Blockchain Week, Simon Morris, the head of strategy at ConsenSys, described Snaps as the “Apple App Store” for MetaMask, which enables third-party developers to launch DApps called “Snaps.

In addition, users can utilize MetaMask to manage SOL, the Solana Program Library, and nonfungible tokens. It allows existing MetaMask users to integrate their wallets across Ethereum and other Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains with the Solana blockchain, according to the announcement.

Since Solana has a unique infrastructure, wallets like Solflare are required to access the ecosystem. Users will be able to manage their interactions with Solana via MetaMask with the new feature.

MetaMask users can connect to Solana by visiting Solflare’s website or by connecting their wallet to any Solana application. Users will be able to link their EVM assets to Solana following an installation procedure. Obtain this 

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