Mexican Billionaire Reveals Bitcoin Portfolio

In an exclusive podcast interview with Natalie Brunell, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, a famous Mexican billionaire and the head of Grupo Salinas, talked about his investments and gave some exciting details about how he got started with Bitcoin.

During the show, Pliego, well-known in the business world, talked helpfully about his investments. Salinas Pliego has intelligently put his money into different areas of his liquid portfolio. These include Bitcoin, Microstrategy, mining companies, oil businesses, and gold mine investments.

The Mexican billionaire’s early involvement with Bitcoin is one of the most exciting parts of his business journey and portfolio. Pliego remembers how he was first interested in Bitcoin when it was still in its early stages. At the time, $200 was a fair price for Bitcoin.

In just 15 days, the value of Bitcoin (BTC) nearly doubled. But he decided to sell his holdings when BTC reached $800, which was an intelligent choice.

When the Mexican billionaire sold his Bitcoin for $800, it was not the end of his trip with Bitcoin. He returned to the market and patiently held on to his BTC purchases.

The Mexican billionaire kept his bag of BTC until 2017 when it was worth the most. At that time, he sold it for about $17,000. This trade was among the most profitable and well-timed deals he ever made. It also shows that billionaires and people with much field experience believe in Bitcoin.

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