Nifty Island Speedrun Challenge

Nifty Island Speedrun Challenge

Nifty Island Speedrun Challenge

Nifty Island aims to engage players in user-generated content and reward them with tokenized in-game items.

Nifty Island, an Ethereum blockchain game centered on user-generated content, declared on Friday the launch of a two-part speedrunning challenge centered on the “Break the Targets” play mode. By participating, level creators and players can each earn NFT rewards.

Courses designed by level creators following the play mode are available to players over the weekend. These courses challenge players to optimize their runs while engaging in target shooting.

A community committee will select the three “most creative courses”; after that, players will attempt to set records while completing them.

“Their moment has come, speedrunners and builders, to flourish!” Nifty Island announced via X.

On March 31, at 4:00 p.m. EST, creators will be required to construct their course and publish a video on X incorporating the hashtag #Nifty. Nifty Island stated that the tweet should subsequently be published in the “BTT-challenge” channel on the organization’s official Discord server.

The evaluation of courses will be predicated on “aesthetic appeal, enjoyment, and originality.” Additional information can be obtained from the Discord server.

Nifty Island is a 3D social game that debuted in January and allows players to design islands, accomplish quests, acquire NFT rewards, and partake in airdrops. It integrates multiple chains, such as Base, Polygon, and Ethereum.

Nifty Island’s Tokenized Rewards

The game stated that the winners of each competition would receive NFT rewards, such as Palms, Ultra Blades, and Legendary Pistols.

As the game expands, these tokenized, limited-edition in-game items may grant players particular advantages, especially during the current play-to-airdrop push preceding the ISLAND token’s debut.

In addition to an Iron Palm, the top ten speedrunners across all three courses will be awarded a Legendary Pistol for the remaining runners and a Bronze Palm, Iron Palm, and Ultra Blade for the top three runners, respectively.

“Best of luck, Islanders,” tweeted Nifty Island.

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