OKX Urges Immediate iOS Update Amid Security Concerns

OKX released an upgrade on December 19 (version 6.45.0) to address the problem, confirming that it didn't impact customer assets.

OKX Urges Immediate iOS Update Amid Security Concerns
OKX Urges Immediate iOS Update Amid Security Concerns

Following the discovery of a “critical” security issue earlier this month, the blockchain security company CertiK has requested that all OKX users on iPhones update the iOS application.

CertiK advised users of OKX wallets in a message published on December 19 on X (formerly known as Twitter) to update their iOS applications to the most recent version immediately to avoid potential vulnerability to a security hole.

According to the blockchain security company, “Earlier this month, we discovered and reported a critical Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability in the OKX iOS App, which could potentially lead to the compromise of sensitive data and crypto assets.”

Using a “relevant upgrade” that was released on December 19, OKX stated that it has resolved the issue and encouraged customers to update to iOS version 6.45.0. CertiK confirmed that the security issue has been rectified.

OKX continued by saying, “We have confirmed that this did not have any impact on any customer assets.” A remote command execution vulnerability gives an adversary the ability to execute malicious code on the machines or network of an organization, which could lead to the theft of funds or the breach of data information.

On December 13, a hack on OKX DEX, the decentralized exchange operated by OKX, resulted in a loss of $2.7 million. It is purported that the owner of the proxy admin’s private key was exposed. CoinGecko has awarded OKX a score of nine out of ten on the “trust score” scoreboard for trading platforms.

This places it in the tenth position available. Last but not least, in late November, OKX introduced trading and wallet services in the Brazilian market.