OpenSea launches Seaport protocol NFT marketplace

OpenSea NFT marketplace has just launched a new protocol for buying and selling NFTs dubbed ‘Seaport’ as revealed by the company in a blog post.
OpenSea launches Seaport protocol NFT marketplace
OpenSea launches Seaport protocol NFT marketplace

The Seaport protocol enables users to acquire NFTs in a variety of innovative ways. The company verified the revelation in a blog post, which was initially revealed by an address linked to OpenSea on Etherscan earlier Friday.

Seaport users can package many assets in exchange for an NFT, although currently just crypto can be exchanged for an NFT.

For instance, “Let’s say you have a 40 ETH doodle and wish to upgrade to a 100 ETH ape. You can sell your doodle for 60 ETH and NFT “The Block’s director of research, Steven Zheng, agreed.

Today, other applications, such as SudoSwap, which allows users to barter for NFTs, provide this capability. However, this feature is currently built into OpenSea.

People can now bid on certain features from a collection on Seaport. This is for situations where the bidder is unconcerned about the type of NFT they receive as long as it has the trait they’re seeking for. Users who collect happy NFTs, for example, can bid on any smiling Bored Ape in the collection.

Tipping will now be permitted in the marketplace.

“When fulfilling a listing, a fulfiller may include additional consideration items as long as they do not “tip” more than the original offer,” according to an OpenSea statement. “Alternative interfaces can now charge their own fees.”

The protocol is not controlled by OpenSea, which positions it as a shared and open resource for developers.