Ouinex Raises $4M for Crypto Trading Platform Expansion

Ouinex Raises $4M for Crypto Trading Platform Expansion

Ouinex Raises $4M for Crypto Trading Platform Expansion

Ouinex, a trading platform for crypto and derivatives secures $4M in funding to improve platform and obtain regulatory licenses.

Ouinex has raised over $4 million through its seed and first private investment rounds, which it reported successfully. The platform allows users to trade in crypto and derivatives. To guarantee that every user was involved in the fundraising process, the Private 1 round was also held only within the community, just as the seed round.

In addition, the funds will be wisely used to strengthen the Ouinex platform and acquire more regulatory licenses.

We are building a trading platform for serious investors and, in particular, tradFi traders who aren’t yet involved in cryptocurrency trading. Ilies Larbi, CEO said that while most Web3 investors lost everything in the bear market, their niche audience had no exposure to the cryptocurrency market and invested solely in the stock market, which has been doing very well.

They were able to take their initial steps into cryptocurrency investment, and they continue to do so today. In just over a month, we were able to generate $1.92 million during our Seed presale. After updating our audience on our accomplishments after six months, we began the second round of token presale with Private 1 Round. “Using the same tradFi audience, we were able to raise an additional $2.2M in under five days,” he continued.

By focusing on its user community and introducing novel features, Ouinex differentiates itself from other platforms that trade digital assets. In contrast to other platforms, they gives priority to its potential users, who are also investors, rather than venture capitalists and institutional investors, who often receive early-round discounts. Their involvement in platform creation is also exclusive, guaranteeing that their specialized trading demands will be met.

In addition to its lower prices, innovative cross-margin possibilities, and fair and transparent trading environment, Ouinex stands out.

Unveiling Ouinex’s Vision to Connect Traditional Finance with Web3

The goal of partnerships with leading tradFi organizations is to build a first-rate trading infrastructure that integrates tried-and-true technology into cryptocurrency trading. Strategic investments in human resources, automation of compliance processes, and regulatory clearances will all receive substantial funding to guarantee long-term success.

In the far future, Ouinex hopes to use its cross-margin feature to connect traditional finance with the web.

To open trades on tradFi derivatives, users will be able to utilize the value of their cryptocurrency wallet as collateral thanks to this innovation. Using a fraction of their ETH or BTC, a user can initiate a transaction on gold, oil, or stocks—all from the same site.According to Ouinex’s Ilies Larbi, “this feature is the main area of focus and the use of funds for us,” even if its launch is scheduled for the second stage.

In the near future, Ouinex will hold its last fundraising round using its token $OUIX, giving members of its community an opportunity to become more involved while offering a 17% discount. The highly awaited desktop platform is almost ready to be unveiled, which is another exciting step for the user base.

With the announcement of upcoming approvals from many jurisdictions imminent, they will further solidify it’s reputation as a reliable and compliant trading platform, demonstrating the company’s commitment to regulatory compliance.

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