Pixels Prepares for PIXEL Token Launch

Pixels Prepares for PIXEL Token Launch
Pixels Prepares for PIXEL Token Launch

Additionally, the Pixels Foundation announces $4.8 million in strategic funding from various investors.

Following this week’s announcement that the eagerly awaited PIXEL token will be available for purchase on February 19, the developers of the popular Ronin blockchain game Pixels disclosed that airdrop distribution has commenced and that the organization has also secured funding.

A succession of announcements have surrounded Pixels and its PIXEL token since its migration to the Ethereum scaling network Ronin in the autumn. The most recent developments continue this trend.

Nansen data indicates that the action resulted in a significant increase in the number of active users on the gaming network—from approximately 20,000 unique wallets in November to 665,000 this week—as users flocked to Pixels to participate in its play-to-airdrop rewards campaign. Moreover, the end is now visible.

Early on Friday, cryptocurrency exchange Binance introduced its Launchpool rewards program near PIXEL, ten days before token introduction.

Customers of Binance who place bets in liquidity pools using Binance Coin (BNB) or the FSUSD stablecoin before the launch will be qualified to receive a portion of token rewards.

Binance Launchpool and Strategic Funding Fuel Pixels’ Momentum

Before ultimately listing the token on its exchange on February 19, Binance will offer 350 million PIXEL in rewards, which is 7% of the token’s total supply.

“Within the next week or two, Pixels will be one of the largest Web3 gaming assets in the world and one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world,” said the foundation founder Luke Barwikowski in a Thursday livestream.

The foundation is currently rewarding participants with off-chain token allocations; once the token generation event (TGE) occurs, these allocations will be converted into genuine on-chain PIXEL tokens on Ronin. Airdrop allocations are accessible to eligible users through the Pixel website.

Two play-to-airdrop campaigns awarded a portion of tokens to approximately 28,000 Pixels players as compensation for their participation in the retro-themed social agricultural game.

Additionally, PIXEL tokens were awarded to the proprietors of Pixels NFT land holdings during the initial play-to-airdrop campaign that occurred a year ago.

The Pixels Foundation announced late Thursday, amidst the airdrop and token launch stir, that it had secured $4.8 million in strategic funding from various investors.

Framework Ventures, Collab + Currency, Volt Capital, Axie Infinity creator Sky Mavis, Yield Guild Games co-founder Gabby Dizon, and numerous others have invested in the round.