Sam Altman Pursues Microsoft Funding for ChatGPT 5

With additional funding from Microsoft, OpenAI, led by Sam Altman, is developing the next AI Model ChatGPT 5.

Sam Altman Pursues Microsoft Funding for ChatGPT 5

The founder of OpenAI-backed ChatGPT, Sam Altman, intends to develop ChatGPT 5, a more sophisticated and superintelligent AI model.

In addition, he disclosed his intentions to acquire additional Microsoft funds to finance the development and training of Artificial Intelligence (AI) ChatGPT 5.

According to reports, the anticipated ChatGPT 5’s features, functions, accessibility, and release dates are still unknown.

However, the capabilities and training of the AI model, according to Sam Altman, are akin to a “guessing game” and cannot be disclosed or predicted until we begin.

Nevertheless, the founder of OpenAI was certain that the forthcoming AI model would be an improvement over its predecessor by incorporating more functionalities.

OpenAI is Developing ChatGPT 5, a Next Gen AI Model

Following the successful release of ChatGPT 4, which also included a user-customized version, the OpenAI startup commenced development on ChatGPT 5, the next-generation AI model.

Although the capabilities, features, and distinctions from the current ChatGPT 4 remain unknown, the new model will likely improve over its predecessor and include additional functions.

Sam Altman stated that the training data for ChatGPT 5 will be a combination of company-owned and publicly accessible datasets from the internet.

Meanwhile, the choice to enhance the ChatGPT, which OpenAI supports, was made during a period of rapid industry evolution marked by increased competition from various Chatbots (e.g., Bard, Grok by Elon Musk, and other new startup companies striving to establish a foothold in the AI sector).

OpenAI Seeks Additional ChatGPT Funding

Sam Altman reportedly seeks additional funding from Microsoft, a leading investor, to develop “superintelligent” tech tools as smart as humans.

Significantly, should it be finalized, the additional financing will supplement the $10 billion “multiyear” agreement that Microsoft and OpenAI already established earlier this year.

The partnership, which commenced in 2019 with an initial investment of $1 billion, will continue to pursue OpenAI’s objective of ensuring the safety and utility of artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Altman’s request for additional funding for ChatGPT followed recent rumors that Google was considering investing in Character.AI, a startup founded by former Google staff.

Recent reports indicate that Alphabet’s Google is discussing funding to advance the update task with two former Character AI startup employees.

Notably, Google has already established a collaboration with Character.AI, an organization that trains its models using Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) and cloud services provided by Google.

The new investment discussions will strengthen the partnership, making it a formidable competitor to other AI firms in this industry that has been revolutionized.