Sui Network Hits $700M TVL

Sui Network Hits $700M TVL

Sui Network Hits $700M TVL

Collaborations, such as with the Greek Stock Exchange, demonstrate the practical significance of Sui Network’s blockchain ecosystem.

Today, Sui Network surpassed an unprecedented $700 million in total value locked in. One remarkable aspect of this achievement is that Sui has accomplished this in less than a year since launching its mainnet.

This achievement was the result of Sui Network’s ongoing development. At the AIBC Eurasia Awards, Sui was proclaimed the 2024 Blockchain Solution just recently.

Notwithstanding the challenges encountered in the final quarter of 2023, the $SUI has gained traction in 2023, particularly since March.

SUI, in tandem with the cryptocurrency market’s entry into a new bull cycle, is positioning itself for astounding gains. SUI has increased remarkably from its inception on March 1 at $1.6 to its current value of $2.16 as of March 27.

This represents an increase of 31% since the commencement of the current month.

Notwithstanding the intense market volatility that ensued after mid-March, the SUI coin has demonstrated its complete potential, a claim typically substantiated by its frequent advancements.

The Greek Stock Exchange’s (ATHEX) declaration that it will integrate its electronic book construction with Sui’s blockchain ecosystem is one such instance.

Sui Network’s Market Performance and Collaborations

This collaboration between ATHEX and Mysten Labs demonstrated the practical significance of Sui’s implementation.

Sui Network continuously ranked among the best three performers in today’s session. SUI is currently in a range of high volatility, according to an analysis, but its current high of $2.16 and its overall upward momentum are anticipated to be maintained.

It is presently situated in an area of intense resistance. Soon after the forthcoming Bitcoin ($BTC) halving, SUI is expected to surpass $3.

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