UN Plans Pilot DAO Project for Transparent Governance

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) supports the alliance, providing infrastructure through its Ethereum layer-2 solution, Gosh.

UN Plans Pilot DAO Project for Transparent Governance
UN Plans Pilot DAO Project for Transparent Governance

A group of the United Nations intends to construct a distributed autonomous organization (DAO) as part of a pilot project to illustrate its uses in the public sector, according to an announcement made by the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) on December 21st.

The goal of the International Blockchain Forum’s Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Assurance and Standardization (BSA) was to demonstrate how organizations in the public sector may “leverage blockchain technology and DAO principles to foster transparent, rules-based, and high-integrity governance structures.”

Despite the fact that the IGF did not specify how its DAO would be used, it placed more emphasis on the decision-making capabilities of DAOs than on the financial components of DAOs.

“This initiative signifies a pivotal step toward establishing innovative and secure governance models, ensuring that blockchain technology can be harnessed for the benefit of public sector organizations.”

The coalition welcomes new members and hosts meetings on a monthly basis in different locations across the world. There are stakeholders in government offices in six different nations, including the central banks of Brazil and Nigeria, among others on the list.

The non-profit Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is the organization that is “hosting” the alliance. The GBA will provide infrastructure support for the DAO pilot through its member Gosh, which is an Ethereum layer-2 solution.

Within both the coalition and the GBA, the United States of America has a significant presence. IGF dynamic coalitions are autonomous organizations that are committed to addressing certain concerns that fall under the ambit of the IGF.

Digital access, sustainable development, human rights, and trust are some of the aims that the Global Business Alliance (GBA) is working toward in order to support the United Nations Global Digital Compact.

The Global Business Alliance (GBA) developed the Blockchain Maturity Model as a tool to evaluate various blockchain technologies.

Although the Global Business Alliance (GBA) portrays itself as “a business league to promote the business interests of our members,” it really has members working in government offices in 61 different countries as well as the United Nations.