Unlocking Discounts, Earning Rewards with Unibot

Unlocking Discounts, Earning Rewards with Unibot

Unlocking Discounts, Earning Rewards with Unibot

Users of Unibot with a transaction volume of at least $500,000 or who possess at least 100 UNIBOT tokens will ascend to level three, unlocking a 30% discount on their transactions

At the highest level, level five, traders with $2 million in transaction volume or 1,000 UNIBOT tokens can take advantage of an extraordinary 50% discount.

Impressively, the bot has revealed that less than 4% of its users presently qualify for Tier 3 and above, making these discounts highly desirable. 

Unibot, renowned for facilitating efficient trading and robust risk management, has garnered traction in the cryptocurrency community.

The algorithm provides various tools that enable users to execute trading strategies, defend against MEV bots, and even replicate the success of leading traders.

This is free and readily accessible through Telegram’s intuitive user interface. It is also renowned for its lightning-fast execution, boasting a speed that is reportedly six times faster than manual trading on Uniswap, making it an attractive option for traders wanting increased efficiency. 

Apart from its trading features, the bot provides a lucrative revenue model, distributing 40% of transaction fees and a percentage of trading volume to token holders.

According to data from Dune Analytics, this equates to an outstanding annualized APY of 48.71% for token holders. 

Moreover, the team is working on a buyback and burn initiative to reduce the token’s circulating supply.

This loyalty program represents the initial phase of their multi-step strategy, in which users who trade with the machine receive increasing benefits. 

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