Voice Platform Shuts Down

Voice Platform Shuts Down

Voice Platform Shuts Down

Voice announced publicly that it would cease all operations in the coming months, including the termination of new user registrations and the closure of its trading platform.

Existing user assets will remain secure, and within a few weeks, users will have the option to migrate their possessions to Ethereum, EOS, or Polygon.

This platform will continue to allow access to these assets until the 31st of December, 2024. 

BM, the founder of EOS, envisioned the company as a social platform when it was founded in June 2019.

Still, it has since been lauded as a revolutionary application in the industry. In 2020, Block.one invested $150 million in Voice, granting the company operational independence.

By March 2020, the total amount Block.one had financed in the platform had surpassed $300 million.

However, following the platform’s launch, it was discovered that users had negative experiences, resulting in the site’s transformation into a marketplace for the production and trading of NFTs. 

In their official statement, they demonstrated their commitment to the potential of Web3 and its creators by stating:

“We still believe in the tremendous potential Web3 holds to empower creators. We will see you out there in the months and years to come. Thank you to our artists for working so closely with us to help shape the future of art.”

Voice was a pioneering platform that provided creators with easy access to the NFT ecosystem, serving as their first step into the space.

Voice was recognized for its carbon neutrality, usability, and compatibility with multiple chains. 

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