Wert, Worldpay Partner to Expand Card Acceptance in Web3

Wert, Worldpay Partner to Expand Card Acceptance in Web3

Wert, Worldpay Partner to Expand Card Acceptance in Web3

Wert, a Web3 payment provider, has partnered with Worldpay to enhance its card acceptance capabilities.

In order to enhance its card acceptance capabilities, Wert, a Web3 payment solution provider that enables fiat transactions, partnered with Worldpay, a global payment processor. Wert was able to expand its integrated payment system to accept JCB, Amex, and Discover thanks to the new agreement.

Wert introduces a non-fungible token (NFT) checkout solution to make transactions easier and more accessible, attracting customers who aren’t crypto natives. While most fiat-crypto transactions fail to get approved, its checkout solutions use a merchant category code, which increases the acceptance rate for fiat payments to 95%.

In addition, Wert’s checkout solution is compatible with almost all major card brands, which means fewer denied transactions and higher card acceptance rates. As a result, on-ramps into Web3 are likely to become more popular.

They aspire to get into untapped niche markets in the US and Southeast Asia for high-value transactions by broadening its acceptance of alternative payment methods. It is also believed that the integration will boost conversion rates, which will raise revenues and strengthen the company’s position in the market.

Creators will be able to confidently showcase their artworks to a wider audience and collectors will have an easier time engaging with NFTs thanks to the improved Wert NFT checkout experience made possible by the extended payment choices.

Our goal is to create an ecosystem where everyone can participate and digital assets may be used without any restrictions by making it possible for cards to be accepted almost everywhere. As far as Web3 accessibility and inclusivity go, this is a giant stride forward. In a written statement, the founder and CEO, George Basiladze, hailed the development as a turning point in enabling consumers worldwide to participate in the dynamic digital economy.

Wert Drives the Adoption of Web3

Wert is a blockchain-based, unified payment provider that has been around since 2020. Using the company’s services, buying Web3 assets or NFTs straight from smart contracts becomes a breeze when paying with a credit card. Wert also allows for the sale of gas, utility tokens, and other assets related to decentralized finance (DeFi). With licenses in both the US and Estonia, the company mainly services the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries as a regulated VASP.

In a move to address the asset security gap faced by NFT collectors, Wert and insurtech firm Avata teamed up last year to improve Wert’s NFT warranty service. The result is an optional warranty for NFTs that protects digital assets up to 90% of their value in the event of a smart contract theft. The service, which is accessible on KnownOrigin’s NFT marketplace and over 80 others, helps keep NFTs and Web3 technologies popular by providing a layer of security against theft and hacking.

Wert strengthened its NFT warranty service and filled the security gap for NFT collectors last year by partnering with insurtech service Avata. If you choose Wert’s NFT warranty, they’ll pay for digital assets worth up to 90% of what a smart contract hack would cost. The KnownOrigin NFT marketplace is one of over 80 digital asset marketplaces that offer this service. It helps to secure NFTs and Web3 technologies against hacking and theft.

Wert’s improved payment choices further demonstrate its dedication to expanding Web3 usage; these improvements enable accessibility and inclusion within the Web3 domain and represent yet another step toward user empowerment in the dynamic digital economy.

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