Wix Unveils AI-Powered Website Builder

Wix Unveils AI-Powered Website Builder

Wix Unveils AI-Powered Website Builder

Wix has launched an AI Website Builder, allowing users to create professional websites through conversational AI.

Wix, a platform for SaaS website builders, recently introduced its AI Website Builder. This new feature allows users to employ conversational AI to design professional websites in a matter of minutes. Using conversational chat as a guide, the AI Website Builder streamlines the process of creating web pages with the help of generative AI technology.

Users may quickly create professionally designed websites with relevant pages and commercial solutions like scheduling, eCommerce, and event management just by outlining their intentions and goals.

Participants in an interactive dialogue give their thoughts and then get questions based on their thoughts. The AI will create a unique website with a design, theme, text, photos, and business solutions after all the required information is input. Users can tweak and personalize their sites to their liking by changing the style, structure, and layout.

Integrating the AI website builder into the Wix ecosystem gives customers access to company management, apps, and more, allowing them to keep working towards their goals even after the website is created. Head of Product at Wix, Yaara Asaf, told the media that this simplifies web-building by letting users describe their vision and then having AI create the site’s layout and content automatically. “This is utterly changing the game when it comes to creating websites and making people’s dreams a reality because users can construct their sites at record speeds.”

A new addition to Wix’s arsenal of AI-powered tools, the AI Website Builder is now available in English around the globe. The head of AI at Wix, Yaara Asaf, stated that the firm has spent the past seven years perfecting its models and algorithms for incorporating AI into the user experience.

When it comes to building websites, our company has learnt a lot about artificial intelligence and how customers engage with it. According to Asaf, these insights are used to enhance our AI algorithms, include cutting-edge AI models, and develop AI-driven solutions for our whole range of products and services, including website builder, business support, and operations.

Make Beautiful Websites with Simple Step-by-Step Instructions

Upon launching the AI Website Builder, a helpful AI assistant will ask users to describe their requirements and desired outcomes. Questions like “What is your site’s desired name?” and “Can you describe your business?” are part of the conversational experience with the AI assistant.

The amount of customization in the final website is strongly impacted by the depth of the user’s responses. Users can easily access the AI for aid with question rephrasing or response provision. In addition, users have the same rapid access as they would in a human conversation to ask for revisions, adjustments, or improvements to their replies whenever they choose. The website is built using the data processed by AI after users have submitted their answers.

Wix Unveils AI-Powered Website Builder
Source: Wix.com

Then, using the company’s colors and fonts as guidelines, Wix’s AI Website Builder creates a unique layout for the company’s website and produces content that is ready to be published. By giving the AI helper specific instructions, like switching themes, users may further personalize the look of their site. After users are satisfied with the preview, they can go ahead and publish the site.

An online business has a lot of moving parts, and consumers often come to Wix confused about how to optimize their site, what content would appeal to viewers, which images to use, and so on, according to Yaara Asaf of Wix, who spoke to reporters about the matter. With Wix’s AI Website Builder, customers can just tell the chatbot what they want their website to do, and the platform will then construct the whole thing, down to the marketing and business solutions. By relying on AI, Wix is freeing users from tedious tasks.

Wix Unveils AI-Powered Website Builder

Over the past few years, Wix has steadily improved its AI-driven products to help its users’ businesses thrive. Several new AI functions were introduced by the corporation in 2023. The AI Text Creator was one of them; it let anyone make personalized, high-quality content for websites. Along with that, the Conversation AI Chat Funnel finds individualized answers to user business needs, and the AI Meta Tag Creator boosts efficiency and search visibility.

Small businesses, agencies, and users with limited time are some of the target user personas that the features are designed to accommodate.

Artificial intelligence, in our opinion, simplifies things and benefits our customers. There will be a plethora of chances to enhance web production in the coming years thanks to new AI technology. “We’re thrilled to keep delivering new and evolving AI-powered solutions to our users and to keep changing the dynamics of web creation,” says Yaara Asaf of Wix, adding that AI will remain a vital element of Wix and the Wix platform.

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