Born Ready to Invest $10M Fund in Asia-Pacific’s Web3 Future

Born Ready to Invest $10M Fund in Asia-Pacific's Web3 Future

Born Ready to Invest $10M Fund in Asia-Pacific’s Web3 Future

Born Ready, the venture arm of Futureverse, has initiated a $10 million fund aimed at investing in Web3, metaverse, AI, and content industries.

Futureverse’s venture arm, Born Ready, has established a $10 million fund to invest in the Web3, metaverse, gaming, artificial intelligence, and content industries throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

The new fund is a component of Futureverse and Catalyze Research’s partnership to promote root network ecosystem growth. 

Established in Korea, Catalyze is a Web3 and blockchain consultancy company that assists companies in thriving in the digital sphere. Since 2017, the corporation has been involved in Web3 initiatives, funding such notable projects as Numbers Protocol, Biconomy, and Matic Network (now Polygon).

The company offers assistance to businesses investigating prospects in web3, blockchain gaming, and the metaverse by leveraging its expertise in business development, marketing, and GTM strategy.

Aaron McDonald and Shara Senderoff founded Futureverse in 2016 and introduced Born Ready with an inception fund of $50 million, supported by multiple Web3 VCs. The metaverse startup previously said that it had raised $54 million.

Beyond simply investing in companies, Futureverse and Catalyze intend to offer carefully chosen ventures comprehensive strategic growth help.

Captain McDonald and Shara Senderoff responded to the news with a post on X, stating, “We’re excited to partner with Catalyze on the Catalyze Futureverse Ecosystem Fund to accelerate startups building on The Root Network in the Asia-Pacific region.” 

The investment is a component of Futureverse’s plan to propel The Root Network’s exponential expansion and open doors for businesses throughout the Asia-Pacific (APAC) area, with a particular emphasis on Korea.

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