John Deaton Unveils Cryptocurrency Industry Secrets

John Deaton Unveils Cryptocurrency Industry Secrets

John Deaton Unveils Cryptocurrency Industry Secrets

John Deaton, the attorney for XRP holders, has finally broken his silence on the rumored “major announcement” that has had the crypto market on tenterhooks for nearly a week.

According to John Deaton, the most controversial topic in the digital currency ecosystem is the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) enforcement action against industry pioneer and advisor Steven Nerayoff.

His first announcement to his more than 296.8k followers was that he would bring Nerayoff to CryptoLaw to reveal the truth about his indictment, the regulator’s coercion, and why the case was dropped despite a damning indictment.

John Deaton noted that his announcement will also be concentrated on the XRPL, based on hints he provided before the live show he just concluded a few minutes ago.

Deaton revealed that he will join Spend the Bits, a payment protocol built on the XRP Ledger, as both an investor and the company’s Chief Legal Officer.

The industry advocate stated that he believed in the protocol’s visions and the work of the protocol’s founder, Jay, who, according to him, can help realize Satoshi Nakamoto’s ambitions in the modern world.

Before Ripple Labs Inc.’s legal battle with the SEC went into effect in March 2020, his last announcement concentrated on the exhaustive memoir he has been writing since March 2020.

He urged netizens to look for the masterpiece, which, according to his hint, will encompass the most pressing issues in today’s dynamic world, including race and abuse.

Besides his role in the XRP lawsuit in representing as many as 75,000 holders of the digital currency with payment, John Deaton has received many accolades across the board for providing insightful analysis, standing up to regulators, and fighting for the emancipation of the broader digital currency ecosystem.

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