Prince Oduro Sentenced to 8.5 Years for Fraud

Prince Oduro Sentenced to 8.5 Years for Fraud

Prince Oduro Sentenced to 8.5 Years for Fraud

Prince Oduro accessed financial information of clients, withdrew funds, and used PayPal accounts.

A former employee of JPMorgan Chase, located in Columbus, Ohio, is on his way to federal prison on charges that include stealing thousands of dollars from customers and defrauding individuals through an online romance scheme.

Prince Oduro has been sentenced to 8.5 years in prison for wire fraud and money trafficking, according to WCMH-TV, an NBC-affiliated news station.

Following his guilty plea for the theft of $1.8 million from victims, the 34-year-old has been ordered to repay the stolen funds.

As per the federal complaint, Oduro obtained unauthorized access to the financial information of at least five clients during his employment at JPMorgan Chase Bank in Columbus.

The funds were subsequently withdrawn as cash after he transmitted the money to the PayPal accounts of the customers.

Prince Oduro’s Online Romance Fraud Scheme

In 2015, Prince Oduro initiated both his illegitimate banking activities and the concurrent online romance fraud.

He claimed to have access to a treasure trove of gold and silver, was an American combatant injured overseas, or required funds for a medical procedure.

Oduro advised one victim that her late spouse had pilfered valuable artwork and persuaded her to transfer him approximately $400,000.

The complaint states that Prince Oduro was apprehended for the first time in 2022 and was re-arrested in November 2023 for continuing his romance schemes.

According to data from Oduro’s mobile device, he boasted about his offenses via WhatsApp.

“This is the only enterprise in the United States where I can earn $20,000 per month without being arrested… I’m finding money; I’m not committing fraud… The term for this is “money laundering.”

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